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With our full-service approach, we help clients create well-designed spaces through spatial planning, renovation work, furniture selections, accessorizing, styling, and more!


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We will help you reimagine your new or existing space and provide complete and cohesive furnishing selections from the floors to the ceiling and everything in between!

Furnishings + Finishes

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Do you have a boutique firm, restaurant, coffee shop, retail space, or office that needs some attention? Whether it's existing or new construction, we're here to help.

Boutique Commercial

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You are tired of wasting time and money designing and re-designing a space you are not sure if you even like. Or you just bought a house and have no idea what to do. Let's chat.

Residential Design

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the offerings

Do you have a small business, restaurant, coffee shop, retail space, or office that needs some attention? Whether it's existing or new construction, I'm here to help.

Commercial Design

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You have the skills to DIY but you're not sure where to start and if you wait any longer you may never get to it. "If only someone could just tell me what works!"  You're in the right place. 

Virtual Room Design

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Design isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it is functional and centered around the human experience. The home should be comfortable, cozy, and very much lived-in while still a beautiful masterpiece you can feel  proud of. The difference is in the details.

If home is where the heart is, shouldn't it feel like it has one?

When you work with Sydney Joy Studio, you can expect a comfortable aesthetic infused with traditional form and modern elements, all the while ensuring your space is designed around your unique lifestyle.

We're familiar with taking a project from concept to completion — including formulating construction drawings, collaborating with vendors and trades, implementing cohesive plans for all interior finishes, and pulling together all the final details.

the approach

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." -Genesis 1:1

Upon reading this, it dawned on me that the very first event to take place in the beginning of time was creation. The making of something out of nothing.

Therefore, one can infer that creativity and good design matter a lot to the Master of Design, since all that is made came from Him. I believe that we are all invited to participate in and enjoy the gift of good design which has the power to transform, inspire, comfort, restore, and produce joy.

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

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